Writing is like cooking, if you spill something, you should make it look like part of the act.
–John Keeble–

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hell is Living with Other People

one again this isn't about anyone
I did your chores last night
And paid your half of the gas bill
Because it was past due

I did not appreciate having to
Clean the bathroom and the kitchen
And pay everything for you.

Am I expecting you to pay me back?
Yes, I am.
Don’t make me feel regret

When I go to the gym
If I don’t work out
Then I will accept the consequences.

I appreciate the words of praise
It doesn’t compensate
The amount missing from my account

I hate to emit my lack of
A heart
My time somewhere else is better spent

So please find a way to repay me,
Your loving Roommate


  1. You have 12 followers, and I only have 4. How do I steal some of your followers?

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  3. this is good, i am really impressed. [smiley face].