Writing is like cooking, if you spill something, you should make it look like part of the act.
–John Keeble–

Saturday, February 20, 2010


the writing prompt was to write about a picture. what is behind the picture, who is the person in the picture,and stuff like that.

Traveling on our own dollar, but staying at family owned vacation spot. Getting up when we want, and going where we please. No classes, no working, no adult responsibilities, no one to impress.
Traveling has become a hobby with us two. We started small, road trips and day visits. Then the stakes grew. We took week long visits to Canada, and neighboring states. We would leave town with no plans only starting to make arrangement when we got closer to a destination. During the long stretches of time we talked about everything. There in not one subject that has not been discussed between us. Once and awhile there is fresh conversation with the strangers we meet, leading to new subjects to explore. These trips are getting redundant, there is only one way left to travel, a trip across the sea.
Who needs dating when you have a best friend that you share everything with? Guys only fulfill needs that Megan cannot achieve. When I met a Him that can replace Megan, then I will finally leave Megan, or she will leave me. Many have tried to replace my Friend, but they have all failed and I end where I started. We are both cold hearted and bitter, but we don’t see it in each other.
After this picture we left Canada, returning home and all the cares in life returning. The planning of school affairs waiting our return to be picked back up, the uniforms of a life of mature people waiting like dry dusty molds. Life that is planned out is like a creative writing project that leads you to a simple conclusion. Be free to a life of freedom.
That week Canada was burning. Hundreds of people were evacuated out of their homes and put into a high school gym. The worries we carried that week consisted of finding a good tanning location, the lighting for a picture, and mineral things like that. The mountains, behind Megan, are usually visible, not just the dusty shadow of the foothills. The mountains are green from the base until they reach the snowy peaks. The clear water of lake, that touch the foothills, reflects the sky and the towering peaks. That week Canada was burning.
Standing behind the camera is better than standing in front, so the lenses can capture all your imperfections. It takes talent to capture all the imperfections of this world. Megan is the student of masters who impart their knowledge onto her. This is the only thing that she brought with her from the out-side world. I brought nothing. The lighting from the sky is soft and makes the features of the world, seen from the lenses, softer. The cover in the sky makes this type of lighting possible.
My Future is unclear, but if there are kids their lives will follow my own philosophy. There is so must life has to offer. I have no real theory on the “Right Way” on how kids should be raised. As I parent I want to be able to give the right opportunities. Money would help with this development. Money comes with hard work and long hours, the hours spent away from my kids. If I am home then my husband is working longer hours and will never see the kids. There needs to be a freedom for change. Megan came up with that part.

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