Writing is like cooking, if you spill something, you should make it look like part of the act.
–John Keeble–

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gangsta, Gangsta

this was a writing assignment for class. we had to pick a typical person and make them unique. i picked a gangster and made him concerned about eating and being healthy.

“Alfrado, where is my Chef’s Salad?” the Boss asked. We sat in a booth in the back of the restaurants. The room was brightly decorated and the sun came through a window brightening up table strewn with papers. I know ain’t a very organized person. We had been sitting here so long my legs were falling asleep.

“Sorry Boss,” I replied. “Mikie went to go get it. He’s in the Kitchen right now.” I sat across from him in the booth; we were going through recent paper work mostly bills and the budget. The restaurant was going to be opened in an hour and we still had the monthly pay roll to review and the new menu.

“You took care of the Hunts’ matter? Last time, Alfrado, I was very much disappointed with the way the job was executed.”

“Don’t worry, Luke, has been disposed of,” I reassured. “He will no longer mess up your directions”

Yelling came out of the kitchen behind the bar. Angela, Boss’ girlfriend can out of the Kitchen carrying a salad. I’m telling yea, she’s no super-model and her hair is so straight that it wound not hold a curl, but she was the brains behind the operation. We don’t tell anyone that outside our gang, they don’t need to know. Angela always had a list of things she wanted, and Boss would do everything in his power to get it for her. They were a couple that had brains, they’re smart and nobody crossed them. On top of running a very fine family establishment, in their bumming around time together they would discussed business and management skills, like two girls teenage girls discussed clothes and brand names. Man, they were respected by all their men and the other gangs in this city. When a feud was started they were the ones that were called to be the witnesses, no one else was trusted.

Angela moved her way through the maze of table and sat next to me in the booth. She set her bowl on the stack of signed papers.

“Is that my Chef’s salad?” asked Boss

“No, it’s my Cesar salad.” She took the paper that was passing over to Boss, and started to read it over.

“Yuck, Angie, Why do you eat that stuff? Don’t you know it’s all fat and empty calories? Is it at least fat free?” Angela rolled her eyes and ignoring bosses inquires, and continued to eat her salad. “What’s taking my salad so long?”

“I took your salad and put Cesar dressing on it,” Angela informed the Boss without looking up from the paper work. “So they had to start all over again.”

“Boss,” I jumped in. “I got those new menus for you to ‘approve’. They got the new indicators next to the whole wheat, and reduced fat meals. I also need your signature for the orders on the ammo we ordered from the Alberti family last week.”

“Ah, Bravo, Alfrado,” said Angela. She took the paper that need the Bosses signature and read it over. “The Alberti family can be a very picky on their prices. Boss, sign this we wont get another deal like this from them.

Mikie finally came out of the kitchen with the Boss’ salad in one hand and busting off his black leather jacket with the other.

“Is that cigarette smoke I smell?” asked Boss when Mikie put the salad down in front of him. “That nasty habit is going to kill you some day.” Boss didn’t smoke himself, but he made everyone else feel bad for doing it. “It controls your life. You couldn’t wait five minutes to watch my salad being made. You had to step outside, and while you were gone Angie took the salad. I worry about you Mikie and this nasty addiction you got with those cigarettes.” Boy could he lay down the guilt. “Me and Angie here, we work out twice a day, isn’t that right babe? Every morning we light weights, and in the evening we talk strolls through the park. We drink ton of water in between.”

“Sorry Boss,” Mikie replied. “I try to be healthier, me and my girl, we use to be active. I ran that half Marathon 2 years ago, but since the baby, we got no energy. We are a wake half the night. Without these smokes my nerves would be so tense that I would be useless to you.”

“Are you telling me you’ve been smoking around a baby? Just don’t let me smell yea like smoke while you’re working, or I will put you on security duty again,” Boss threatened.

“No sir, Yes sir, it won’t happen again sir.”

“Alfrado,” Angela said turning back to me. “This Menu is good. Have them replace the old ones by tomorrow night, and tell the waiters and the Hostess about the new changes. Also get the finalizations on the deal with the Alberti’s to me by tonight.

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