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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Big, Mean, Ugly Monster

Book Summaries

Author: Ruth Marie Berglin
Title: Dear Big, Mean, Ugly Monster
Publishing information: Children & Family Press, 2005, age 4-8
Number of Pages: 40
Genre: picture book
Summary of Plot: Joe is afraid of the monster under his bed. After reading “Billy Goats Gruff” with his mom he decides to write the monster a letter. They exchange letters and Joe learns that the Monster under his bed in not scary at all.
Your Reaction to the book: I thought this book was cute. The picture were great, and I loved that the letters where hand written. It deals with a fear that is common with little kids. I thought the letters that were exchanged between Joe and Sam, the monster, were advanced for the age level.
Potential Problems: not everything can be solved by writing a letter.
Recommendations: I would recommend this book for teachers who are teaching how to write letters. Or to parents who are trying to teach their kids not to be afraid of what’s under the bed.

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