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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The White Ox

Author: Dan Burr and Ruth Hailstone
Title: The White Ox
Publishing information: Calkin Creek Books, April 2009, age 9-12
Number of Pages: 32
Genre: Picture book/ Biography
Summary of Plot: this is a unique story of a Mormon girl, Emily, who travels to Salt Lake City. It shows her leaving England, the voyage across the ocean, and through the plains. Worn out by all the traveling she wants to give up. She finds a white Ox that is left behind. Feeling sorry for it she nurtures it back to health. With the Ox’s help she gets to Salt Lake Valley, where she loses the Ox. At the end she is grateful and believes the Ox was send by Heavenly Father to help her on her journey.
Your Reaction to the book: I thought that the pictures where really good and enjoyed them. A kid could read the story, just by looking at the pictures. This was a good story of faith, and devotion.
Potential Problems: The story was geared towards an LDS audience, the trials that Emily went through I thought was the basic early pioneer story.
Recommendations: This story would be good for a young LDS family. Or anyone interested in history, family, or church. This could get kids interested in their own family history.

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