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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Lost Hero

Author: Rick Riordan
Title: The Lost Hero
Publishing information: Hyperion Book CH, October 12, 2010, Ages 9-12
Number of Pages: 576
Genre: fantasy

Summary of Plot: This book is about the new generation of Heroes. When Jason wakes up holding a girls hand, Piper, he can’t remember how he got there. They are on a field trip with their school. Leo, who says they are friends from school, is with them. They are attacked by storm spirits and are saved by Annabeth, the hero from Percy Jackson. She is on a mission to find Percy who has disappeared. This story takes place in the same camp Half-Blood, as the Percy Jackson series does, but it is from the new hero’s point of view.
When they get to Camp Half-Blood, they are sent on a quest. While on the quest they run into old villains who have been dead since the Greek and Roman time. They learn that the goddess of the Earth is waking up and is seeking revenge on the Greek Gods. She is raising old enemies from the dead, including the giants who were created to destroy each of the Greek Gods.
Roman mythology is tied in throughout the book, and we learn that Jason is not a son of the Greek Gods, but the Roman versions of the Gods. We also learn that there is another camp for the Roman children. The two side will have to come together with the Gods to defeat their enemy.
Your Reaction to the book: I thought this book was fun, but I didn’t know too much about Roman mythology to catch all the references. I knew that they reflected mythical stories. I like most about it was the story was still in the same realm as Percy Jackson, but with different characters. There was a hint that Percy Jackson, would show up in later books in the series.
Potential Problems: There were some fighting and violence, with mythical beings. A real religious person might not enjoy this book because the appearance and talk of Greek Gods.
Recommendations: I think that this book would be enjoyed the most by independent readers of the age of 10-14 who are looking for an adventure book and has some understanding with mythology.

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