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Monday, March 30, 2009

crazy fun weekend

last week was my room mate birthday, so for the weekend we drove to her parents house in Napa Idaho. we left Rexburg at 1 and arrived their at 5:30. i love her family they are all very cute. the night was spent watching movies and me working on my art homework. kenzie and i were the last one to bed @ 2 am. Saturday was going to be for school work, but we woke up at noon. so we went shipping, but found nothing good. when we were shopping Jesika's mom called and asked what we wonted for dinner. @ dinner we watch a movie with the family and then played Rock Band. at midnight we put in another movie Jesika and Laura were out in the 1st five minutes. kenzie and i were left to our selves until 2am again so we went to bed. church was not until 2pm on sunday. i found out this weekend no matter how late church is we are always running out late. we woke up at noon again and had an hour to get ready. Kenzie and i got up and bore out testimonies. then we left right after sacrament. we left Napa at 5 and got back into town at 10. we stranded in Blackfoot for 2minutes, and the rest of the trip was really slow because we were driving 45mph.
on the way there i started reading Twilight out loud to my room mates,and the way back we continued to read. we got to chapter 18. this is the first time Laura and Kenzie have read the book, so we are reading in between studying, it is really fun to see their reaction to the book, and the really enjoy me reading... i dont know why.

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  1. OOOOO you are going to love twilight!!!!! it is soooooo good you have no idea unless you'e finished it before i post this!!!!! you need to go to my blog because i haven't seen you in like 3 years!! i miss you! and it looks like a good time
    Your SPUNKY cousin
    Hanna Caldwell