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–John Keeble–

Monday, March 2, 2009

project paper

so in one of my classes we had to take picture and then write about the picture. what made it a good picture and the element. i wrote about this picture... and this is what i wrote.

To you this is a picture of a dirty Mickey Mouse; to me it represents hope that not all is lost. There is a story behind this mouse that I would like to share, and maybe you will see this mouse the same way that I do.

My Parents have been doing foster care for nine years now. After my senior year they moved into a bigger house. This last November they had a house fire. Two of the kids never got out of the house. The Fire Marshal says the fire went from one corner of the house to the other in less than 15 min. That night my Parents lost everything. They lost two lives and their home, half of their income, my grandfather’s heir looms, and years of priceless memorabilia. It took weeks for my mom to go back the property and look at the ruins. As we walked around, we didn’t find anything to salvage, the insurance company called it a 100% lose. Because the fire was so hot and unstable, the firemen did not dare go into the house. They only kept the front of the house standing, so they could it as a reference point, in the investigation that would follow. It looked like a house from a Hollywood movie set; the back of the house was completely gone. Up on the top floor, on the little floor remaining, I could see a bit of red and yellow, but we were unable to investigate further. After weeks of rain, and then snow, my older brother, finally when into the house and extract anything that he could from the ruin. During his search he found a stuffed animal.

For all the things this stuff animal has been through it is in pretty good shape. Mickey Mouse was a created by Walt Disney; from this character he was able to create an original world of imagination. Since his creation, Mickey has become a worldwide icon to children of all ages. Seeing him in one piece gave me, personally, a sense of hope. This tragedy was a blessing in disguise. We could rebuild everything bigger and better. My family now has a motivation, to make a home for kids, where they can feel loved and safe. To me this mouse represents the raise from the ashes.

The object takes most of the space in the photo. The stuff animal is sitting on what is left of the walk way. After the fire trucks left the yard the dead branches and a pile of ward waste were piled up behind him. The colors in the photo are all natural. Mickey Mouse is usually dressed in an unnatural red and yellow, but because he is covered in ash and dirt the color are faded and obscured.


  1. Call my lame or whatever. I cried.

  2. Oops...I didn't realize I was under someone else's account. That last post was by me.

  3. lexi that was amazing...i about nearly cried! i love you soo much and you are one of the strongest people i know