Writing is like cooking, if you spill something, you should make it look like part of the act.
–John Keeble–

Saturday, March 7, 2009

hair cut and color

if I've learned anything in the last couple years about myself it is, that i make snap decision and i almost always follow through with it. for example, i have never really had the desire to color or cut my hair short again (to many painful memories from 6th grade). but for the last couple week, i really wanted to dye my hair red and cut it short. i felt like everyone was doing to long blond look, and i rexburg, id it is really hard to express yourself and different. this week was the perfect opportunity to make the drastic change. my room mates were heading down to Idaho falls, so some shopping. i didnt want to go to the locate hair saloon school, because i dont trust students with my hair. any ways after 4 hours of sitting in the salon i got out with something im really excited about!

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