Writing is like cooking, if you spill something, you should make it look like part of the act.
–John Keeble–

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Party of Three

here is my latest work...
“Well this is as good as it gets.”
He wouldn’t have asked you out if he thought you could look any better. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t expect for you to open the door and see a super model
“6:58, I need to hurry, he will be here soon.”
You have everything you need. Make up, check, teeth are brushed, check, hair looks good, check, lip gloss in pocket and phone, check, check.
“7:01, he is not coming. Dang it, what if I understood him wrong.”
If he is not here by 7:10 then he doesn’t get another chance. SHOES! What ones, umm, tennis shoes there might be a lot of standing and walking.
“Was that him?”
Don’t rush to the door! Ok Jacket is on the couch, open door then get the jacket. Don’t want to seem too eager to leave.
“Hi, are you ready?”
“Yea let me just get my coat.”He looks so nice. Forgot perfume “I forgot something, can you hold on for a minute?”
I think I need to change my shoes. He is not wearing white tennis shoes. Let’s go with the brown Lola’s. Would it be ok to wear high heels with jeans?
“Ok, I am ready. Thank you for waiting.”
I don’t think he will notice the shoe change, guys never notice the shoes. Hopefully he will notice the perfume.
“So, how do you feel about Italian?”
“I love Italian”
Awkward silence, I hate when this happens. Quick, what are some things we can talk about? Crap, I can’t be drawing a blank. What did we talk about in class today? I could bring that up, it was interesting.
“So how was your day?”
“Oh, it was good. Same old stuff.”
“What did you do in class today?”
“Um, English stuff, 218, its creative writing.”
“Do you like to write?”
“Yea, a little bit.”
“What kind of stuff?”
“Usually short story stuff, nothing long.”
“That’s cool; I wish I had more time to read.”
This could be going some were
“What was the last book you read?”
“The Book of Mormon, while I was on my mission.”
“Oh, err, what book before that?”
“Honestly I think the last book I read was my freshman year of high school.”
Bummer, well book are out.
“What type of stuff do you like to reading?”
“Mostly classics. Once you get past the slow moving plots they can be really good.”
“That’s probably why they are classics.”
Was that supposed to be a joke? Laugh anyways.
“Yea, ha-ha, I like stuff with little dialog. It makes it easier to skim read.”
Wow, this place looks nice. I hope he is not paying too much for this. I think I over did it on the perfume, I am starting to feel sick. Breath slowly, the fresh air will help. Where is the door latch!
“Um, I think I am stuck.”
“I can’t find the door handle.”
“Oh, let me unlock it for you and its right here.”
Oh wow, that’s close and he smells Amazing!
“He he, thanks” ugh, what do I do with my hands in the pockets, at my side? Why did I wear this jacket, the pockets are so small. Man it’s warm in here, good I get to take this jacket off, I can’t believe I wore it. Booth seats, I have to slide. I’m glad I wore jeans. The waitress looks way cute. I hate her. Look at this menu, so any choices. This silence has been way too long. Books didn’t work, umm.
“The painting over there looks really cool.”
“What one?”
“The landscape behind the counter”
“Oh, yea that is interesting.”
“I like how the artist took the Italian landscape and by using different colors, made it more abstract like the red in the ground, the purple water, and the orange sky.”
“Yea it’s nice. The artist did a good job at, um; the relist place and making it look like um, making it unreal.”
Did he just say what I just said, ok then, art is out. I need to think of more relatable subjects. What do guys like; um... oh the chicken looks good. Ugh, it has mushrooms. Sports! What teams did he say he liked?
“So the Lakers lost last night.”
“Ah, I know, it was so close. They were a head until the last 5 minutes.”
I am so glad I saw in the news paper this morning.
“Who are they playing next?”
“The Bulls, it’s a home game.”
“How do you think they will do?”
“Well, considering…”
I have no idea what he is talking about. Just smile and nod, smile and nod. The shrimp looks way over priced. The sampler doesn’t look appetizing. Ugh, there’s that waitress again.
“I will have the Lasagna.”
Rude totally ignore me, “Yea, I will have the Chicken Caesar Salad.” That’s typical get the salad. Well at least there’s some kind of salad in it. Maybe I should have gone with something bigger, nah the salad is fine. If I would have gotten anything else I would eat a bite and be done. Why are forks so interesting? I wonder who invented it.
“Have you ever looked at a fork and wondered you came up with it the idea?”
I guess anything is better than silence. “Yea I was just thinking that.” Aww brilliant keep it going. “Did they start with a stick and then to add more points.”
Ok this is good it’s going somewhere. Ok. This is good. It’s going somewhere. I can keep this up for the rest of the night. I am fully prepared with useless information. Thank you, double Art History major. Just don’t say anything stupid or weird. Keep that until the second date.
“Thank you for going out with me tonight.”
Thank you for asking me. “Thank you, I had fun. I am sorry about spilling the paint on your lap.” I can’t believe that happened. At least I covered well. You will be lucky if he asked for a second date. But he did say thank you, but he could also be saying that to be polite. The Awkward door scene, no!
“Well this is my door.”
“Um. Well goodnight”
I love the way he smells, he can hold me forever, if he smells like this. Cool it Romeo it was only the first date.
First date success, next step marriage, ha-ha. O crap homework. What time is it?
“10:30 I have time.”
English, creative writing. Writing Prompt. Shoot I am going to be up all night. Next time this comes first, before social life. I can see it now 30 years old single and childless. If that’s the price it costs.
What to write about. Step one: pen to paper. Step two: write. His eyes were so big! That’s not following the prompt. Critical voice inside my head? Do I have one of those? Nope, totally black up here, at least I have looks.
I don’t know why I was so nerves. He is good guy and I enjoy his company and I can tell he thinks I am cute, by the fact that he told me so. Then I dumped the finger paint on him. No wonder your writing is struggling, you get distracted by a pair of eyes and by a smell that over powers you.


  1. Lexi! I freaking love everything you write. What does Party of Three mean? I can't get enough of your writing!!!

  2. P.S. I especially love this line "He wouldn't have asked you out if he expected you to look any better."

  3. what do you think the "party of three" means?