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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Author: Roald Dahl
Title: The BFG
Publishing information: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1982, 9-12
Number of Pages: 221
Genre: fiction

Summary of Plot: Sophie is kidnapped by the BFG and taken to the land of the giants. There the BFG tells her how horrible the other giants are, and that they go and eat people every night. The BFG is called the Big Friendly Giant because he doesn’t eat people instead he captures dreams and then blows them into children’s rooms. When the mean giants go off to England to eat children, Sophie comes up with a great plan to tell the Queen of England. The BFG makes a special dream for the queen that tells her all about the mean giants eating children and how Sophie knows where a nice one is that can tell the Queen where they are. When the Queen wakes up Sophie is sitting the queen’s windowsill. With the help of the BGF they capture the giants and throw them into a pit.
Your Reaction to the book: this book is funny, the BFG talks funny and it become interesting translating what he is saying.
Potential Problems: if you look to deeply into the logic of this book, it won’t make any sense
Recommendations: I think this is a great book for everyone.

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