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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Single Shard

Author: Linda Sue Park
Title: A Single Shard
Publishing information: A Yearling Book, 2001, 9-12
Number of Pages: 152
Genre: Historical Fiction

Summary of Plot: Tree-ear, an orphan in Korea in the 12th century, is passionate about ceramics. After breaking a piece of Master Min’s Tree-ear starts to work off the debt. Soon he is given more responsibilities. After an Embassy, from the royal palace, comes to their town and offers Min a commission, it is up to Tree-ear to get the pieces to the palace. He is robbed and the vases are destroyed. Tree-ear takes the biggest shard to the palace and gets his master another commission, and Tree-ear becomes a true apprentice.
Your Reaction to the book: this book has lot of historical facts. Each piece that is mentioned is in existence. I learned a lot about Korea and its art.
Potential Problems: This book talks about bravery, the one part I disagreed with was, committing suicide as an act of bravery.
Recommendations: this book would be great for kids who love reading about history or who is into ceramics.

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