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–John Keeble–

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Year Down Yonder

Richard Peck
A year down yonder
Publishing information: Dial, 2000, 9-12
Number of pages: 130
Genre: Nonfiction

Summary of Plot: During the Great Depression Mary Alice has to live with her grandma for a year. She used to spend a week every summer with her brother at her Grandma’s, but Joey is in West working. Her year with Grandma is filled with adventure. We see the care free, level headiness and hardworking attitude of Grandma. When she has to leave at the end of the year is sad to say good-bye.
Your reaction to the book: You come to love the characters in this book. Everyone has a person like Grandma in their lives. I loved this book.
Recommendations: The humor in this book makes it’s a great book for anyone to read.

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