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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Small Steps

Author: Louis Sachar
Title: Small Steps
Publishing information: Delacorte books for young readers, 2008, ages 9-12
Number of Pages: 288 pages
Genre: Modern Fiction
Summary of Plot: Armpit from Holes, is trying to avoid falling back into his old life. He is attending school, so he can graduate, and has a job so he can have money. He is taking small steps to correct his life. But when X-Ray asked him for a favor, Armpit knows there is going to be trouble. They buy tickets to a Kaira concert and then scalp them. When Armpit wants to take his handicap neighbor, Ginny to the show, X-Ray gives Armpit counterfeit tickets. There is a big scene and Ginny has a seizure. Kaira invites the two backstage for the concert. Armpit’s life starts to get complicated when the police start asking questions about the tickets. Then Kaira asked Arm pit to come to San Francisco. The manager tries to frame Armpit for murdering Kaira, but Armpit ends up saving her. When Armpit gets home he decides to stick with taking small steps, and everything ends up working out for him.
Your Reaction to the book: This book was an interesting view of Armpits life. You can tell that he is sincere about wanting to change.
Potential Problems: turning over a new leaf is not as easy as this book presents it to be. There are a lot of struggles one faces, when trying to change.
Recommendations: young kids from taught backgrounds, I think that this book could help them see that change is hard but good.

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