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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Redwall: Martin the Warrior

Author: Brain Jacques
Title: Redwall: Martin the Warrior
Publishing information: Puffin/Philomel Books, 1993, ages 9-12
Number of Pages: 376 pages
Genre: Fantasy
Summary of Plot: The co-founder of Redwall, this book starts with Martin as a slave for Badrand the Tyrant. Martin vows that he will be free and he will reclaim the sword Badrand stole from him. Soon after, Martin escapes with some friends. Tramun Clogg a pirate arrives and tries to claim some slave. Without success, he then decides the besiege the Fort. The slaves still in the fort take the opportunity to gather weapons for themselves.
Mean while Brome and Felldoh met up with traveling actors and Martin and his group are captured by shrews. After Martin saves the queen’s son they are set free. The Traveling Actors put on a play for the Fort and are able to free half of the slaves. When the other half of the slaves escape Badrang and Tramun join up to capture the escaped slaves. While the battle goes on to recapture slaves Tramun takes the fort, but Badrang retakes it making Tramun a slave.
Martin finally gets the help he need to attack the fort, he joins up with the Traveling actors and attack the fort. He reclaims his sword, but the girl of Martin’s dream is killed. Filled with grief he head towards Mossflower Woods, where he ends up in Redwall Abbey.
Your Reaction to the book: Martin the Warrior was the first book that I read in this series and I enjoyed it the most. Martin and his friends show true loyalty and friendship.
Potential Problems: there is more violence in this book, than any other in the series.
Recommendations: kids who like animals, or who are looking for another type of adventure book.

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