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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear America; Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Dairy of Margart Ann Brandy

Author: Ellen Emerson White
Title: Dear America: Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Dairy of Margaret Ann Brandy
Publishing information: Scholastic Inc, 1998, 9-12
Number of Pages: 197
Genre: Historical Fiction
Summary of Plot: Margaret becomes a companion to Mrs. Carstairs on the titanic. Margaret’s older brother in already in America waiting for her arrival. While on the ship, she meets many rich and famous people, she also explores the ship. She makes friends with the cabin steward. When then the ship crashes into the iceberg she helps Mrs. Carstairs into a boat. Because of her lower class she is not allowed onto a boat right away, so she goes looking for her friend the cabin steward. When she finds him she learns that all the employees are sticking together and staying on the ship. Her time is running out and she is finally able to get on one of the last boats. From the water she watches the ship go down. Her boat is so close that they go back looking for survivors. When the sun comes up they are saved by a passing ship, and taken the rest of the way to America.
Your Reaction to the book: I like this book, because it has historical value.
Potential Problems: this book is an easy read, and doesn’t really give a lot of information, but enough to entertain kids.
Recommendations: kids who love history and want to learn more about the Titanic.

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