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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ruby Bridges

Author: Robert Coles
Title: Rudy Bridges
Publishing information: Scholastic Inc, 1995, 7-10
Number of Pages: 13
Genre: Biography
Summary of Plot: Rudy Bridges comes from a religious family. When she is picked as one out of four black girls to attend an all white school, she does so bravely. She is escorted in the building everyday by federal marshals, and is the only kid in her class. One day she stops in the middle of the crowd to say her morning prayers, which she had forgotten to say earlier. After school, she walked a couple blocks away and said her second prayer. Later that year she is joined by other kids in her class room.
Your Reaction to the book: this book was interesting, with a religious message. I wish it could have told us more about her experience.
Potential Problems: This book is bias; it only gives the story from one perspective.
Recommendations: This story gives a great short story about a big event during the civil rights movement.

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