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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Higher Power of Lucky

Author: Susan Patron
Title: The Higher Power of Lucky
Information: atheneum books, 2006, 9-12
Number of Pages 134
plot summary: Lucky lives in a small town called Hard Pan, with her guardian Bridgett. Lucky's mother died after a big rainstorm, so her father asks his first wife from France to take care of Lucky. Lucky listens in on all the support groups in town, and one day wants to be a famous scientist like Darwin. When she think that Bridgett is going to leave her, she runs away during a windstorm, but little Miles is already lost in the storm. She takes Miles to the old bunkers and take care of Him. the Towns people finally find them, and Lucky understand the meaning of a Higher Power.
Reaction: this was a cute book, i liked the characters and the description of the town.
Potential Problems: Lucky runs away, the littlest boy walks around freely asking everyone for cookies
Recommendation: i think that this is a great book for everyone.

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