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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Littles

Author: John Peterson
Title: The Littles
Publishing information: Scholastic Inc, 1967, age 8-11
Number of Pages: 80
Genre: Modern fiction, Fantasy
Summary of Plot: The Littles are tiny people who live in the Biggs’ house. When the Biggs leave for vacation and the Newmans move in. The Littles are worried that things will change, and not to their liking. The Newmans are messy and not very good cooks. The little have to chase away the mice trying to invade. Tom Little comes up with a idea to get the Newmans to help with the mice problem. Tom dresses up like a mouse and scares Mrs. Newman. Instead on lay out traps, the Newmans get a cat. Once again its little Tom who comes up with a solution, he trains the cat.
Your Reaction to the book: This book is short and fun. Tom little comes up with some great solutions to their problems
Potential Problems: Not everything has an easy solution.
Recommendations: Littler kids with short attention spans.

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  1. i have to do a book report on this book and i didn't got half of book and this really helped me