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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Animals of the Cold

Author: Valerie Videau
Title: Animals of the Cold
Publishing information: Firefly Books, 2003, Ages 4-8
Number of Pages: 28
Genre: Informational, Picture Book

Summary of Plot: This fun little book has pages that fold out that show more information about the animals. It starts with a board map of the world, than narrows down to certain areas of the world that are cold. Polar Bears, penguins, seals, whales, birds, foxes. The book shows where the animals live, what they do in different seasons, and what would happen if their environment went away. There are also fun interactive games, like matching, counting, and guessing.
Your Reaction to the book: This book had a heavy political agenda. It was fun to learn more about the animals.

Potential Problems: The political agenda did have damper on the book. The kids won’t see it, but the adults will.

Recommendations: Young kids who are interested in animals. This is a great book to start them off on.

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