Writing is like cooking, if you spill something, you should make it look like part of the act.
–John Keeble–

Monday, February 14, 2011

Emperor's New Clothes

Author: Andersen
Title: The Emperor’s New Clothes
Genre: Fairy Tales
Summary of Plot: there once was an Emperor who loves new clothes. Two strangers came into town and told the Emperor of the splendid clothes they made. The fake weavers pretended to get to work at once. The Emperor could not see what they where making, not wanting to look like a fool, he did not say anything. The fake weaver’s fooled everyone in the court, because they also didn’t want to look like fools. The imposters had fooled everyone, because no one wanted to say they could see anything and look like a fool. The king was dressed in his invisible clothes and went for a walk. No one said anything, except a little child.
Your Reaction to the book: I always find this story amusing, that so many people can be fooled. I guess it’s a great commentary for anyone, and we should not follow the crowd to avoid looking like a fool, because in the end we will no matter what.
Potential Problems: the Emperor asks those who are faithful and loyal and they lie to him.
Recommendations: I think any kid would like this book.

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