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Monday, February 14, 2011

Three Little Pigs

Author: Jacobs
Title: The Three Little Pigs
Genre: Fairy Tales
Summary of Plot: an old sow tells her sons to go build their own houses. The first asks a man to sell his some straw so he can build a house. Soon after wards a wolf comes by and asks the pig if he can come in, after being denied the wolf blows down the house and eats the pig. The next son buys some wood, and builds his house. The wolf comes by and asks to come in. the pig tell him no, so he blows the house down and eats the pig. The last pig buys some bricks and makes his house strong. The wolf tries to blow it down but can’t. So the wolf tries to trick the pig out of his house, but it does not work. Finally he tries going down the chimney, but falls into a pot of water, and the pig eats him for dinner.
Your Reaction to the book: this story reminds me of the wise man who build his house on the rock. He is prepared for anything, just like the last pig.
Potential Problems: the wolf is eating people.
Recommendations: this is a great kids book with lots of repetition


  1. hi, is there any scary illustrations like the wolf eating pigs or the wolf pictured with a fat tummy?

    thanks so much

  2. not in the version i read. it was very geared towards children.