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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow-White and The Seven Dwarfs

Author: Grimm Brothers
Title: Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs, Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales
Publishing information: Barnes and Noble Publishing, 1993,
Number of Pages: 328-336,
Genre: Fairy Tale
Summary of Plot: Snow-White’s Step Mother, the Queen, is jealous of Snow-White’s beauty. So the Step Mother send a hunter out to kill Snow-White, but he takes pity on her and lets her live. He kills a pig and shows the heart to the Queen. Snow-White runs into the wood and lives in a house with 7 dwarfs. When the Queen’s mirror tells her that Snow-White is still a live she goes out looking for her. She first strangles her with ribbon, but the dwarfs come in time and save her. Then the Queen tries a poisoned comb, but again the dwarfs save her. Lastly she gives the girl a poisoned apple. The dwarfs could not save her. Because she was beautiful they could not bury her, so they place her in a coffin of clear glass. One day a Prince rides by and see her. She is so beautiful that he buys the coffin and takes it home with him. As they moved the coffin about, the apple flew out of her mouth and she woke up. The Prince decides to marry her. At the wedding feast Snow-White’s Step mother say her and was angry with jealousy. The wedding party was waiting for her and made her wear red-hot iron shoes in which she has to dance until she died.
Your Reaction to the book: Reading the original version of this story was interesting. I follows pattern of 3. The step mother needs to come to Snow-White before she successful.
Potential Problems: The Killing is gruesome and all the ways the step mother tries to kill Snow-white. Kids from separated families could have a hard time with the evil step mother. they might think that all step mothers are this way
Recommendations: Every child need to be familiar with Fairy Tales.

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