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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Magic School Bus

Author: Joanna Cole
Title: The Magic School bus: On the Ocean floor
Publishing Information: Scholastic Inc. 1992, Ages 4-8
Number of Pages: 32
Genre:picture book; Informational

Summary: Ms. Frizzle’s class is learning about the ocean. To complete their projects Ms. Frizzle takes the class to the beach, but they don’t stop at the sand, they go right into the water. They learn about the Tide Pool, Continental Shelf, and the Coral Reef. They learn about the animals that live there, from the microscopic to the shark! As they get deeper the water get darker and the animals stranger. Along for a ride is a Life Guard who helps the kids learn about the habit of underwater life, and the movement of the waves and how this affects the ocean.

Reaction: The notes on the sides of the pages written by the kids where very insightful, they fun.

Problems: Buses can’t really drive under water. Magic isn’t real.

Recommendation: I loved the magic school bus as a kid, and I loved rereading it now. These book are fun and are packed with information.

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