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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

King ThrushBeard

Author: Written down by the Grimm Brothers
Title: King ThrushBeard
Publishing Information:Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales, Barnes and Noble Publishing, 1993
Reading Level: All Ages
Page Numbers:43-47
Genre: Fairy Tales

Summary Plot: A conceited princess, will not marry because she doesn’t like any of the suitors. She mocks one and calls him the ThrushBeard. One day a Fiddler comes by and begs the king give him his conceited daughters. She sees all the things could have if she had married the ThrushBeard, but she gets a small cabin with no servants, and she has to work. All her hard work cures her of her pride, and she finds out her husband is King Grisly- Beard.

Reaction: I thought that this story was very cleaver. I think that a story about someone becoming humble is meaningful, and anyone can relate to.
Potential problems: This fairy tale is unique because the princes is cured of her pride. Like all fairy tales, though they don’t come true for everyone. Not everyone’s beggar is going to change into a prince.

Potential Problems: we can’t always have our lives turn into a fairy tale, and once we are given a task we should complete it no matter what.

Recommendations: Little girls with pride problems

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