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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Three Sillies

Author: Jacobs
Title: The Three Sillies
Genre: Fairy Tales
Summary of Plot: A farmer and his wife’s daughter is courted by a gentleman. At dinner the daughter goes down to the cellar to get beer. She sees a mallet stuck in a beam. She thinks, what if she gets married and her child comes down her and the mallet falls and kills the kids. She is so upset that she sits down and cries. The mother then the father comes down to inquire what is taking so long. She tells each of them what she thought about the mallet. They sit down and cry with her. Finally the gentleman comes and sees the three crying, when he finds out why they are crying, he says he will come back if and when he finds three people sillier then them. He meets a lady trying to get her cow on her roof, to eat the grass, one the cow is up, the woman puts a rope around the cow’s neck and them around her waist. The cow falls and kills them both. When he stops at an inn, he has to share a room. Then next morning when he is getting dressed, his roommate has his pants strung up and is trying to up into the pants. He passes a town that is reaching into a pond trying to save the moon, he tries to explain, but they ignore him he soon returns to the farmer and marries his daughter.
Your Reaction to the book: I know a lot of people who act silly. Sometimes it’s because they don’t listen to or because they over react to things.
Potential Problems: We should take advice from people when it’s sensible.
Recommendations: I think this fairy tale is appropriate for all ages.

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