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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cap O' Rushes

Author: Jacobs
Title: Cap O’ Rushes
Genre: Fairy Tales
Summary of Plot: A rich gentleman asks him three daughters how much they love him. The youngest does not please him with her answer, so he sends her away. He covers her clothes in rushes and gets a job as a maid. They gave her the name Cap O’Rushes because she did not give then her real name. At night the servants go dancing with the gentleman and ladies. Cap O’Rushes stays behind, but once everyone is gone she cleans up and goes in her nice clothes and returns before the other servants get back. The master’s son fall in love with her, and the second dance gives her a gold ring. The next day the cook asks her to make gruel for the master who is sick in bed because of love. She places the gold ring at the bottom of the bowl. When the man finds the ring he calls for the cook and asks who made the gruel. Cap O’Rushes is brought to him and admits the ring was given to her. She reveals herself as the young lady at the dances, they get married and she makes peace with her father.
Your Reaction to the book: this story was ok. I liked the how she made peace with her father.
Potential Problems: she tricks the people around her by not telling them who she really was.
Recommendations: everyone should be familiar with fairy tales.

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