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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Story of a Mother

Author: Andersen
Title: A Story of a Mother
Genre: Fairy Tale
Summary of Plot: A mother loses her child, so she chases after death to get the child back. She comes to a woman dressed in black, who says she is Night. Night will point the mother in the right direction if she will sing a song. The mother sings the song and gets direction. She then comes to a Thorn-bush that is freezing. It tells the mother it warmed it up, it will let her past. The mother puts it close to her, the thrones cut in to her skin, but the mother does not put it down until it is warm. She comes to a frozen lake she cannot cross, but for her eyes is helped across. She finally gets to Death’s greenhouse. An old woman lets her in for her long black hair. When she finally finds her baby, that now a flower, death show up and asks her what she wants. Death tells her she can have her baby if she picks the right flower off of her babies stem. One will bring happiness and the other sorrow. The mother doesn’t know what one to choose.
Your Reaction to the book: This story makes you wonder what a mother would do for her child. This mother goes through a lot.
Potential Problems: some of the things the mother goes through are harsh; it makes me wonder if this is a story for kids or an older age group.
Recommendations: everyone, it’s nice reading a story that shows how much a mother will go through.

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