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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When You Reach Me

Author: Rebecca Stead
Title: When You Reach Me
Publishing information: Wendy Lamb Books, July 14 2009, Ages 9-12
Number of Pages: 208
Genre: Modern Fiction
Summary of Plot: Miranda lives in New York with her mother in the 70’s. She receives notes that she believes comes from the future, it ask her to tell a story and claims it will help save her life and her friends. The book starts by jumping around, her mother practicing for the game show, where she hides her spare key, when her best friend stops talking to her. You understand later why it feels like it is jumping around. Later you learn how it works in a chronological order. The soon story starts following a consistent time line. Her friend stops talking to her and her makes new friends with a girl and boy in her class. She gets a job during lunch with her new friends. Her favorite book is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. During a conversation with a kid on her block they discuss the possibilities on time travel.
Your Reaction to the book: There were a lot of mention of the book A Wrinkle in Time, but I don’t think that it affected my understanding of this book. I love books that hides its foreshadowing carefully, and that you have to return to the beginning of the book to catch on to the hints. The story to me was about her seeing the world from a new perspective. She learns to view people in different ways, situations from a different view point. It was a nice book with a great twist.
Potential Problems: Every book has a problem, whether it contains some mixes messages or don’t clarify a problem. I believe book can be great even if they have these flaws. At the beginning Miranda struggles with harshly judging others, but becomes a better person by the end of this book.
Recommendations: I would recommend this book to people who like A Wrinkle in Time, or to people interested in time travel. I would also recommend this book a wider variety of kids who like anything from science fiction, modern fiction, and non-fiction

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