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Monday, February 14, 2011

Puss in Boots

Author: Perrault
Title: Master Cat or Puss in Boots
Genre: Fairy Tale
Summary of Plot: A miller dies and gives all his possessions to his sons. The Miller gives the oldest the mill, the second the donkey, and the last son a cat. The last son thinks he is given the raw end of the deal. But the cat proves otherwise. Dressed in boots the cat goes and catches a rabbit. He takes his catch to the king and claims it’s from his master. The next time he brings the king two partridges. For months the cat brings things to the king claiming it’s from his master. One day when he hears that the king is going to travel down the river, he tells his own master of a good place to bath. As the king travels the cat sees his master but tells the king that his master has been robbed by thieves. The king offers to help the young man. The young man is welcomed into the carriage. As they travel further down, the cat runs ahead and tells the workers that they work for his master. The cat gets to a castle that belongs to an ogre, with wealth and power. He tricks the ogre to change himself into a mouse, where Puss pounced and ate it. With the castle empty, the cat leads the party into the castle. That day the miller’s youngest son marries the princes.
Your Reaction to the book: I thought that this story is cleaver. Puss in boots is a creative character, and very clever.
Potential Problems: The cat gains by lying and tricking others.
Recommendations: this was a fun story of being cleaver.

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