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–John Keeble–

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

Author: Perrault
Title: Little Red Riding Hood
Genre: Fairy Tale
Summary of Plot: Little Red Riding Hood is sent to her grandmother’s house with some treats because she is sick. Along Riding Hood meets a wolf. She tell the wolf about her grandma. He takes the shorter road, and she takes the longer road. The Wolf gets there before she does and eats the grandma, and then disguises himself as grandma. When Riding Hood shows up, the wolf invites her into the bed with him. After Little Red Riding Hood comments on the wolf’s appearance, the wolf eats her.
Your Reaction to the book: It was what I was expecting, the wolf meeting Red Riding Hood and eating her and her grandma. I am surprised that there was nothing further in the story, that there is no hunter to come save them.
Potential Problems: Little Red Riding Hood should not have talked to a wolf because he is a threat. But children are not going to be meeting wolf, the strangers they meet are not going to look like threats
Recommendations: Little kids should be warned about talking to strangers and giving away to much information.

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  1. hi, is there any scary illustrations like the wolf eating humans or the wolf pictured with a fat tummy?

    thanks again