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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Peasant in Heaven

Author Grimm
Title: the Peasant in Heaven
Genre: Fairy Tales
Summary of Plot: a peasant dies and he stands by a pearly gates. At the same time he dies a rich had also died. St. Peter comes out and lets the rich man in but leaves the poor and out. The poor man could hear the cheering and celebrating for the rich man. Finally St. Peter lets the peasant in, by now the party was over. The Peasant expected everyone to give him the same celebration, but they didn’t. As the peasant was being led through heaven he asked the angles why he didn’t get the same treatment. The answered that peasants go to heaven every day while it only ones in a hundred rich man make it to heaven.
Your Reaction to the book: at first I thought I was a depressing story, but I understand now that what it is saying. It is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a humble poor man.
Potential Problems: not everyone is being treated fairly
Recommendations: this story has a good moral to it. I would leave it to the older age group to read.

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