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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Counting Crocodiles

Author: Judy Sierra
Title: Counting Crocodiles
Publishing information: Gulliver Books, 1997, 4-8
Number of Pages: 40
Genre: Counting, Picture Book

Summary of Plot: On an island lives a monkey in a lemon tree, she want to get to another island to get the bananas, but between the islands are crocodiles. She fools the crocodiles to come to the surface and the monkey counts them as she crosses the water.

Your Reaction to the book: this book was written in a rhyme, and deals with counting. The pictured where fun, with all the crazy crocodiles. The pictures are oil, oil pastel, water color and gouache on vellum.

Potential Problems: this book doesn’t but emphasis on the danger of crocodiles. I also think the facts about where the crocodiles live are untrue.

Recommendations: This counting book had cute pictures. The crazy crocodiles and the progression and digression of numbers where interesting and I think any kid would like it.

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