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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Little Match Girl

Author: Andersen
Title: Little Match Girl
Genre: Fairy Tale
Summary of Plot: a little girl sells matches. One night, after she isn’t able to sell any, she is out late, afraid to go home. When she lights a match she is able to see all the beautiful things in the town. She sees a shooting star and knows that means a soul has left the earth. She strikes another match and sees her grandmother. She asks her grandmother to take her with her. The little girl strikes a whole bunch of matches to keep the image of her grandmother close to her. the next morning the town finds the little girl, and they think the lighted matched were used to keep her warm, they don’t know what they were really used for.
Your Reaction to the book: This story is sad a beautiful. The sad part is the girls life, the beautiful part is how she spends her last night, looking at this so beautiful.
Potential Problems: this story is very sad and dark and I don’t know if it is appropriate for some age groups
Recommendations: this is a great fairy tale and everyone should know it.

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