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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Little Red Elf

Author: Barbara Barbieri McGrath
Title: The Little Red Elf
Publishing information: Charlesbridge, 2009,4-8
Number of Pages:32
Genre: Seasonal, Picture Book

Summary of Plot: This is the story of the Red Hen, but with a reindeer, penguin, hare a elf. The Elf does all the work while the others where lazy. When Christmas comes around the elf asked who wants to help with the presents. There is a twist in this story. She lets them open the presents, but they are not filled with amazing gifts but little red hen that say “one little red hen for you”
Your Reaction to the book: The story was constructed just like the story of the Little Red Hen, but in the end the Elf doesn’t make her friend help her, she get her revenge in another way. The pages are painted with Acrylic paint, and a black ball point.

Potential Problems: you need to know the story of the little red hen, or the ending would be confusing.

Recommendations: To help bring the Christmas spirit to children

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